White Raven Spa Company - Everything Beautiful, For the Most Beautiful You!
Enter a World
 of Peace and Renewal.
With a healthy dose of Southern Hospitality.
We all need some time to get away from the busy world and focus on taking care of ourselves.
Here at White Raven Spa,
you can escape from the stress of your responsibilities and soothe your mind, body and soul.
Retreat to White Raven to experience a true quiet and peaceful spa, where you'll receive better than resort style pampering and care, with expert knowledge and only the best products.
Unlike the typical "Spa", in the area, White Raven prides itself on being the only facility where each visitor has an exclusive experience.
What this means, is that you aren't roped in and out like cattle or robots.
 A true Spa experience should focus on you, not you shoved in an area with a bunch of strangers. What could possibly be comfortable or peaceful about that?!
Our therapists are true master professionals and each one healers in their own right.
Trained and Certified above the normal requirements, they'll make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as any five star resort.
If you're looking for a relaxing resort style body service or massage, corrective facial, contouring body wrap, natural weight loss help, body detoxification, or even Spiritual Guidance,  you'll find it in our unique spa.
We invite you to come visit.
We'll provide a secure place to leave your belongings as well as a relaxation room where you can enjoy tea and other refreshments. All this, in an environment our regulars have coined as "peaceful southern elegance."
For more information or to set up a time to be nurtured, please call or text us at (502) 416-5794.
For the fastest response,
 feel free to click on the Contact Us link and send us your time & service requests.
We look forward to pampering you!
Our Spa & Wellness location in Louisville, KY
Facial Services & White Robe Service               
Ultimate LOVE~
We help you look like you outdid yourself!
 The Warm Steam Salt Scrub will gently lull them into a state of bliss while giving them a lusciously scented exfoliation head to toe. Warm towels then gently whisk away old skin, making way for a smoother, sexier glow! A customized serum is then gently smoothed over the body to lock in the moisture. A customized facial with a chocolat serum mud mask is highlighted by a cherry bomb lip scrub for the perfect kiss you'll be sure to get later! All this is wrapped up with a take home gift bag loaded with sweet treats and samples, along with two long stem roses (and we can even add a message from you!) $245
Our Spa Mantra
A beautiful way to spend a lunchtime..
When in a crunch for time.
An hour massage and relaxing body treatment combined in 30 MINUTES!
Two therapists one amazing service!
COUPLES Packages Now Available!
Call us for pricing and services...
imagesCACYZCH5 Body ServicesDry Brush Dermal SPA~ssage ($85)
Combine the lymphatic & exfoliation benefits of an essential oil detox body brushing session with the relaxation and stress relief of our signature full body treatment, and you have 75 minutes of absolute bliss!        
Reception Area
During Fall,
nurturing your skin, minimizing the damage of the recently passed harsh summer sun and dry heat, maintaining your glow, and feeling healthy throughout the season all become top of mind.  
        Our expert blends of Nourishing Cold Pressed Essential Oils, All Natural Supplements, & Organic Body Line provide this gentle assistance in maintaining health inside and out. This helps insure a healthier YOU through the coming chilly months. 
 Our signature blends all contain powerful antioxidants and natural acid to help nourish, renew, and smooth even the most sensitive skin.
All the power packed  ingredients found in our
 lines help to exfoliate the skin, promote dramatic cell turnover, brighten dark spots, reduce and smooth even the deepest lines, even and firm skin tone, and  help moisturize and renew moisture barrier & elasticity.
          NOW AVAILABLE!
New Menu Additions for AUTUMN include ~
The Original Massage Flame Candle body treatments in a variety of incredibly delicious scents.  This 75 minute relaxation specific full body treatment is incredible for releasing the stress of everyday life and rejuvenating the mind, spirit, and body!
Menu price is $85  for one, or book a romantic couples experience for  only $160!  Includes chocolate dipped goodies, & Sparkling  Juice!
Achieve immediate results with our new Amazing Cryogenic Marine Facial!  This 75 minute facial procedure eliminates  dead skin, erases fine lines, and brings a youthful brightness back to the skin.
 Menu Price  is $90.00